Sunday, September 27, 2009

SCIENCE - battle beats " cemilla universal "

Science ( a producer from LA ) has been all around the beat battle scene up and down the westcoast. Odds are if youve tried to battle anywhere in cali , youve lost to this cat . He took first place in one of the last beat battles here in San Diego. This is the actual disk he won the battle with. These beats are more of the sample type , with maad chops, heavy , heavy , heavy drums , and fatass chunky basslines. Disclaimer : we are not responsible for any neck injuries or spinal cord misalignments due to heavy neckthrusting action .

enjoy ! play loud , get your neighbors to shut up, close their doors and hide like the little scared ass bitches they are.

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There was a beat battle in San Diego a couple months ago, with a performance by Dj Exile live on his mpc. Exile brought a stand up bassist to join him in his performance. This stand up bassist ( Milo 1 ) played some of his beats and they were smashing on fools. he hooked it up w the cd he played cause Dj Cleancut and i did our dj set together and we played mad grimey ill beats and some rare samples . So being the only dj's there that were playing shit like that , he blessed us with the beat cd , and this shit is baaangin . Now you get to enjoy them too .

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