Thursday, March 18, 2010


Heres a free mix with some dope ass beats ... if you dont like this , then i dont like you. One of the beats on this mix is from a couple a good homies eLan and Marzio . ( download eLan's famLay below ) . CocoBryce got the ill shit too . If you dont like his shit , then I dont like you . ai dön laeek so fack you .

Coco Bryce March Mixxx for FFYS by cocobrycebeats

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dj Pound Mix early 2010

This mix got alot of attention on some blogs making it reach limit on soundcloud within a day or two . I decided to pick up where i left off on my earlier mix from 09 ... since the 09 mix was mostly on that beat shit , then a little dubstep at the end , i thought itd be interesting to do the same thing but kind of flipped ; mostly all dubstep but with a couple beats from the beat scene in the beginning .... overall, Its a good mix if you like aggressive sounds...

Give it a listen by clicking on the picture below