Sunday, April 18, 2010


This dudes got some beats .. peep some of it here ... I will try to get my hands on his new beat tape and post it here for you ... til then wait anxiously ...

<a href="">Watching Birds On Hard Drugs by Insightful</a>

<a href="">Sheperds Pie by Insightful</a>

Saturday, April 17, 2010

KenLo Craqnuques / Cailloux Germés

The FIRST time i heard his music a while ago , I HAD to play his music in ALL my dj sets when i play out . I was like " daaaammm uggghh , what the fuck is this grimmey ass shiet !! and any one who knows me and the style of music ive been pushing for years would know that this would fit into my dj sets like a glove . I knew there was something special about KenLo's beats the instant my ears met the soundwaves . His beats just have so much life to them ... The way he mixes down and masters his beats is in a class of its own. Keep your ear out for KenLo . He's been one of my fav producers for a while now , and i've been reppin his shit for a long time now . This is his " first " official release .... Please support artists for their hard , original work .. CRACK NECKS !!!!!

Right click or CNTRL+click here , and click on " dowload linked file "

Friday, April 16, 2010

Indigo Shades

Indigo Pyramid is an international group of beatmakers:
Infinite Potentials, Billion Dollar Quartet, Shlohmo, 0., eLan,10thLetter and Nigel One.

Click on their art work below to download

Thursday, April 15, 2010

this shit is everywhere , i know ... but shit , ive been tryin to get a lot of people in my city to listen to a couple of these artists for almost two years now . and NOW its finally happening .... about fucking time ..... Following on from the release of Part 1 the other week, Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2 is now available to download for FREE! Featuring 21 solid tracks varying from hip-hop to electronica to neo-soul to dubstep and beyond, Part 2 promises to continue where Part 1 left off. With tracks from artists like Slugabed, Alex B, Mr Beatnick, Kidkanevil, Oddisee and Suzi Analogue, it’s easy to see why it would seem so appealing – plus… it’s free, remember?!

go here :

Dan-Matic got some free heat for you

:...:CyberneticEmpire :...: by Dan Matic

Friday, April 2, 2010

@ Kadan 4696 30th st
SD , CA 92104
9pm-2am 21+

Live Beats , Djs and Psychedelic Visuals From SD to LA
Also, Mike Gao's B-Day at midnight, and Easter Sunday means we will have a EASTER EGG HUNT

P.U.D.G.E. (VJC & BLX) - with spins from UK BBC's Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs, along with countless others, PUDGE is a Los Angeles heavyweight producer, with recent All City LA Series 1x10 release with Dibiase

Dj Pound - Pound is a DJ/producer with an aggressively fierce production aesthetic, untestable scratching ability, and forward thinking selection.

Mike Gao - Computer music researcher/beat producer Mike Gao has transitioned from releasing rapper-based music under Chi-town label Galapagos4, to rocking all original instrumental sets at Low End Theory and winning beat battles at Project Blowed & Mighty4. He has a release, All City LA Series 6x10 due out in June.

eLan - Quite a buzz has been around this LA-native producer, with tracks like Healthmaster 3000 with Marzio finding their way onto countless blogs and mixes. He has material coming out on Jay Scarlett's U-Beat Records, and is a respected and key contributor to the San Diego beat scene.

Marzio - Young German beat producer/DJ, Marzio has made a name for himself in the SD scene, crafting future beats with eLan, as well as tracks with his rap group, the Hill People.

Dj Cleancut - Has been making quite a lot of noise DJing the top hip-hop shows of SD and holding down weeklies. Known for digging and finding rare originals. Be prepared!

Bohemian Rap City - FREESTYLE SUNDAYS-
Try to make it out every Sunday. We have open tables and mics on other Sundays! Come through!