Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dj Pound live 72 min.mix @ PeaceAhkiRadio.com

Every producer you like is in this mix. and some that will be your next favourites. It was recorded live at PeaceAhkiRadio.com on 8-17-09 . afterhours. on that time travel hash. its legal . where I live at least . so download it and ... lets go! turn it up ! oh yea bang it ! system aint red outta yr head ! put it in ! get it ! all night ! lets see what other sayings did i miss ..... all those cliches that people put on their twitters and facebooks to make it seem like somethins gonna pop ... yea .. all of those ... lets go !! lets do it !! give it to her like she stole your bike !

copy and paste this link below to your browser to enjoy:



if the link above got chopped off at the end, copy the link up to where it it says /Dj_pound
then copy n paste this at the end ---> /Dj_Pound_at_Peace_Ahki_Radio_8-17-09.zip

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