Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sir Froderick - Klipkast #6

This week have a special kast by our Philly bredren Sir Froderick (obviously not the man in the above photo, although he’d like to think so). He recently dropped his debut full-length titled, “Heartaches and Beatbreaks” with the Recordbreakin’ label (also Philly fam). The album is dope and the klipkast is also super supa soopa dope. Big ups to Sir Fro’ for this week’s kast.
As always, we let this explain his mix in his own words.
“The Sir Onion Mix
My old smoking buddy Bryce was fresh back from rehab. He dropped by the lab to visit the Gawd. Bryce was extremely excited that he was, and I quote:
“Off the drugs and HIGH ON LIFE!”
Eyes wide and pupils dilated, he went on about how we “don’t recognize the little things in life…like flowers.” Bryce gripped the roses in the flowerpot and inhaled furiously. “They get me higher than any drug, maaaaaaaan!”
Inspired, I wiped the foam from his lip and began this mix.

--> click here to download Klipkast#6 <--

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