Friday, April 2, 2010

@ Kadan 4696 30th st
SD , CA 92104
9pm-2am 21+

Live Beats , Djs and Psychedelic Visuals From SD to LA
Also, Mike Gao's B-Day at midnight, and Easter Sunday means we will have a EASTER EGG HUNT

P.U.D.G.E. (VJC & BLX) - with spins from UK BBC's Benji B and Mary Anne Hobbs, along with countless others, PUDGE is a Los Angeles heavyweight producer, with recent All City LA Series 1x10 release with Dibiase

Dj Pound - Pound is a DJ/producer with an aggressively fierce production aesthetic, untestable scratching ability, and forward thinking selection.

Mike Gao - Computer music researcher/beat producer Mike Gao has transitioned from releasing rapper-based music under Chi-town label Galapagos4, to rocking all original instrumental sets at Low End Theory and winning beat battles at Project Blowed & Mighty4. He has a release, All City LA Series 6x10 due out in June.

eLan - Quite a buzz has been around this LA-native producer, with tracks like Healthmaster 3000 with Marzio finding their way onto countless blogs and mixes. He has material coming out on Jay Scarlett's U-Beat Records, and is a respected and key contributor to the San Diego beat scene.

Marzio - Young German beat producer/DJ, Marzio has made a name for himself in the SD scene, crafting future beats with eLan, as well as tracks with his rap group, the Hill People.

Dj Cleancut - Has been making quite a lot of noise DJing the top hip-hop shows of SD and holding down weeklies. Known for digging and finding rare originals. Be prepared!

Bohemian Rap City - FREESTYLE SUNDAYS-
Try to make it out every Sunday. We have open tables and mics on other Sundays! Come through!

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