Saturday, April 17, 2010

KenLo Craqnuques / Cailloux Germés

The FIRST time i heard his music a while ago , I HAD to play his music in ALL my dj sets when i play out . I was like " daaaammm uggghh , what the fuck is this grimmey ass shiet !! and any one who knows me and the style of music ive been pushing for years would know that this would fit into my dj sets like a glove . I knew there was something special about KenLo's beats the instant my ears met the soundwaves . His beats just have so much life to them ... The way he mixes down and masters his beats is in a class of its own. Keep your ear out for KenLo . He's been one of my fav producers for a while now , and i've been reppin his shit for a long time now . This is his " first " official release .... Please support artists for their hard , original work .. CRACK NECKS !!!!!

Right click or CNTRL+click here , and click on " dowload linked file "

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